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Reishi Tincture


Our tincture is our flagship product. Made with our reishi culture fed by our connected nursery, our tincture provides a clean product that’s easy to insert in your day-to-day routine. Simply add a couple of drops to a glass of water or juice once or twice a day will provide various therapeutic benefits to your body, such as: anticancer effects, antioxidants, strengthening cardiac functions, increasing memory as well as antiaging effects.

1 T O 2 D R O P P E R P E R D A Y ( 0 . 8 M L ) S T O R E A T R O O M T E M P E R A T U R E U S U A L L Y F R E S H F O R T W O Y E A R S
Lion's Mane (fresh)

250G OR 500g PER BAG

Lion’s Mane is well renowned as a gourmet mushroom. To some, it has a flavour similar to lobster; to others, it is reminiscent of eggplant. It is immensely versatile and can be incorporated to various recipes. On top of its great taste, the Lion’s Mane as also garnered attention for its medicinal properties. By producing Eninacines, it shows potential in the treatment of senility, Alzheimer’s disease as well as neurological trauma.

K E E P R E F R I G E R A T E D A T A L L T I M E S U S U A L L Y F R E S H F O R 1 W E E K
Lion's Mane (dehydrated)


The dehydrated version of the Lion’s Mane offers exactly the same great flavours and benefits of its fresh counterpart, but with the added flexibility of conservation. You can keep the mushrooms in your pantry for a longer period of time, and when you are ready to add some in one of your dinners, simply immerse the fungi in water for a couple of hours before baking them.

S T O R E A T R O O M T E M P E R A T U R E U S U A L L Y F R E S H F O R 3 M O N T H S